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Ways to treat Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a common and usually painful condition of fingers and hands. Carpal tunnel is a narrow and bony passage found inside your wrist. This contains nerve and tendons, all sheathed in a synovia. When these tendons become swollen and inflamed, they can cause pressure to the nerves, causing numbness and pain.

Those who have this ailment will experience numbness, pain, tingling and weakness with their fingers or hands. The symptoms can occur in the thumb, ring finger, middle finger and index finger. If you experience problems with this fingers but your little finger remains in a fine condition, then it will be the indication that you really suffer from Carpel Tunnel syndrome. The symptoms can be first noticed during the night. You may still get relief just by shaking your hands but if you are already experiencing great pain, then it will be necessary to take proper treatment.

How to Treat Carpel tunnel syndrome?

The treatment will depend on how severe your condition is and the length of time you had CTS. There are cases where CTS will have improvements even without treatment. The symptoms can be relieve just by frequent hand movement or shaking of wrist. You must bear in mind not to engage in activities that can worsen your condition.

If your work needs a use for computer keyboards, then you might need to do modifications in your workplace. This will also help relieve your condition.


f the symptom persists, you can now try other CTS treatments. You can turn to a natural remedy or choose to undergo surgeries. If the condition is already in acute stages, it will be recommended to rest your wrist.

  • Diet – The problem is usually linked to improper and unhealthy food intake. You should start adopting a healthy diet and eat sufficient vegetables and fresh fruits. You should also increase the intake of root and green vegetables. Sometimes CTS is associated with allergy in foods so you must determine the foods that causes the allergy and eliminate it

  • Detoxification – Removal of toxins from your body can help in eliminating the irritation of the tissue and do some nerve healing.

  • Exercise. Repetitive operation using your hands or fingers, such as working on computers can be worsen your condition. It will be necessary to take hand exercises while doing your work.

  • Nutritional supplements – Doctors usually recommend CTS patients to take Vitamin B6. But be careful not to take too much because overdose will always have negative effects.

Non-surgical CTS treatments

  • Wrist splints – It prevents bending of wrist. It gives support to the wrist and places it in a neutral position.

  • Corticosteroids – This can be recommended if the wrist splint is not effective. It can be taken as a tablet or be injected directly into the wrist.

In any injury or ailment, prevention is always better than cure. To prevent any wrist injury you might want to look for tips for prevention of this injuries. Taking proper care for your wrist and avoiding activities that can trigger the condition will also help.

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