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Ways to Avoid Pain and Discomfort during Long Driving Trips

Summer time calls for family road trips! Be prepared when you hit the road this summer.

When is the last time you experienced pain and discomfort while driving? What did you do?

Back pain is the most common type of pain that drivers usually struggle with. This can be linked to muscle soreness or to the over usage of lower back muscles. Most drivers suffer from it within a long period of time not knowing that getting rid of this pain is just easy.

There are lots of ways you can adapt to avoid discomfort and pain. A good driving posture might be a vital factor to consider while driving. If you are driving a long trip, it will be necessary to take breaks as often as you need to do so. The high way code even recommends a 15 minute break every after 2 hours of driving and as much as possible, you should get out from your car with each break.

You should also do some neck exercises, chin tucks, and shoulder rolls. Just be sure that you do it in the safe and right time.

Aside from observing proper posture, you can also have massage activities before and after the ride.  Massage can be your most effective pain reliever and can give you comfort throughout your journey.

Massage can ease pain in different ways. National Center for Complementary and alternative medicine says that an animal study has found out that massage can generate the release of opioids in the brain. This substance is the natural painkiller of our bodies. Massage can also change how the brain senses the pain. Robert Sapolsky, a neuroscientist in Stanford says that the sensations of a good massage can make the brain forget other aches.

A recent study done by Daniel Chekirin, an epidemiologist and senior investigator at the Group health research Institute in Seattle, can also prove the effectiveness of massage for back pains. There has been 401 patients suffering from back pains who undergoes in the different massage treatment and after the required period of time they demonstrate that massage really works just like any other standard back pain treatment.

A massage that stimulates muscle can help your neck and back relax, thus relieving painful conditions. It will then provide comfort while you are driving long trips. Aside from the relief it brings, it also comes in a reduced cost compared to the standard back pain treatments. And because it doesn’t need any prescription from doctors, you can always have it for treating your back pain.

Aside from relieving your back pain, massage can also provide you with other important health benefits. This includes lowering of your blood pressure which is necessary to have a healthy heart and improving the motion range of your muscle. Inactive muscle is often the cause of back pains, with a solid massage this will become more flexible thus becoming less painful.

Massage provides numerous benefits for an individual but it will still be a must to first ask approval from your doctor.

So if you are planning for a long ride, a massage taken before the ride can be a great help to have a wonderful trip.

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