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Reduce stress with an In home massage

Ways to reduce stress

The dangers of stress

Everyone gets stressed at some point in their lives, which is perfectly natural and the body uses it as a method to keep a person safe from danger and alert. Unfortunately the body is not made to deal with ongoing stress so over long periods of time that stress can turn into tension and distress. Over time people experiencing ongoing stress are unfortunately at higher risk of developing or exacerbating certain health problems, some being life threatening. Rather than turning to medication which can be used short term to mask the problem, learn to relax once again with a professional massage.

How can massage reduce stress?

When under stress the body muscles tighten, which over time can cause them to become stiff and painful and even reduce the level of movement. Massage is great for helping to loosen up tight muscles to relieve pain and give back the range of motion that has been lost.

Less visits to the doctor

Between 75 and 90% of all people that visit the doctor’s office do so due to ailments caused or exacerbated by stress. A professional can help to relieve stress by massaging specific areas proven to put the body and mind into a state of relaxation. The quiet room free of bright light also helps the body to switch off from the busy modern world, allowing you to perform better at home and work afterwards.

Relieve stomach problems

Problems such as IBS can be caused by stress and this can lead to extreme pain and sluggish digestion. This in turn means that faecal matter sits around in the gut longer than necessary and the waste that should be gotten rid of in the usual way is released back into the body. Massage relieves stress and could help the majority of people relieve their symptoms.

Better circulation

If you think of your veins as motorways that transport everything the body needs and rids it of everything it doesn’t you will see how stress levels slowing down this system can cause problems. The way the body reacts to save energy can cause the immune system to lower which puts you at higher risk of catching a cold or flu and can even cause disease of the immune system. Massage improves the body’s circulation making it easier for the vital organs to receive everything they need and for the body to rid itself of everything it doesn’t.


As well as being a great experience for the mind and time to take out for yourself, massage has a whole host of benefits. People often see stress as something that is in a person’s head, but don’t realise what a big part it can also play on the body causing both short and long term problems. The modern world, despite gadgets and latest technologies is an extremely stressful and busy place to be with many people having forgotten how to relax. Massage can put back into life what is necessary to have the healthy body and mind to face another day with a smile.

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