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Reasons why you should have chair massages at your office

In your organization do you want?

• A happy and satisfied work place?

• Loyal and hardworking employees?

• A legendary benefits package?

• A solid reputation in the market?

Our chair massage services might be the answer to all of the above questions. Chair massages brings the relaxation and rejuvenation boosters offered in the spa at your door step. A chair massage at the workplace for your employees will ensure everyone is able to appreciate and experience the healing powers of massages.

Chair massages are cost effective for employers, as they will have the ultimate control over the budget. It reduces the chances of misuse of the other benefits offered by the organizations.  Our services can be offered as an annual treat or a quarterly bonus to high performance employees.

Chair massages help reinforces an organization commitment to its employee’s health and wellbeing. This gesture will help employees feel appreciated. Satisfied employees are loyal employees. Loyal employees mean low turnover and low absenteeism. These two factors ensure a stable and profitable work environment for the organization.

Chair massages can help new employees and teams can help in interacting and building a relationship with their environment. During the closing months when stress levels are all time high and productivity is slowing and stagnant. Chair massages at work place are a perfect solution! Less time would be wasted by employee to get out of a depressed environment. A charged up and lively workplace will improve productivity and morale.

Chair massages can help employees to relax and help them to sharpen their focus. It will help them to think clearer and work harder. Disgruntled and discouraged employees are the biggest financial burden. When they feel their employers are actually taking an initiative in the wellbeing of both physically and emotionally, they are more likely to work honestly and be more loyal to company.

Chair massages are a great ice breaker in a gathering. They allow people to relax and open up. A relax ad happy work environment allows employees to bond and form positive ties to their workplace. Instead of, dreading to come to work employees can feel better about coming to work.

Chair massageis a service which can be enjoyed by a CEO and janitor alike in a same environment. This will encourage an atmosphere of camaraderie and equality. Both of these factors highlighta company’s dedication towards its employees.  These services can be offered to new and potential clients. These massages will lighten up the mood. They will also help to expand the client base.

Everyone and any one can offer a great health and dental plan to their employees. Chair massages at work place will set you apart from the crowd. Your employees will boast about their company. Your clients will spread the word about their exquisite experience. It will establish your reputation to be a great organization to work. This will enable you to attract better and hardworking individuals. Our new services will help you retain your creative talent at a happy and a progressive work place.  Stress is a part of our daily life.These chair massages at workplace will decrease the amount of stress which will result in a significant increase in productivity and profit margin of a company.

Please contact us 407-412-1758 to set up chair massage at your office.

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