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My First In-home Massage

My First In-home Massage

The first time that I decided to try an in-home massage, I was a little flustered. I heard about in-home massages from a friend, who detailed their experiences with great enthusiasm. This really piqued my interest, as I had never heard of this option before- I was used to the average appointment at my local spa. However, I really wanted to give this a try to see for myself if I could benefit from an in-home massage.

Knowing that I had to choose the right professional massage company to suit my needs, I began an online search for the best in-home massage businesses in my area. After careful research, I chose Feelxtra Mobile Spa because they offered a variety of massage techniques to accommodate my individual therapeutic needs. There were many services being offered, including:

• Deep Tissue massage

• Pregnancy massage

• Reflexology Massage

• Shiatsu

• Sport massage

• Swedish Massage

• Trigger Point Therapy

• And chair massages!

Being an avid runner, and spending an average of 3 days a week in the gym, I obviously am no stranger when it comes to having sore, stiff and tired muscles. I usually experience aches and soreness in my neck, shoulders and lower back. Using my general knowledge of the different types of massages I have received at the spa- I aimed to go for the Deep Tissue massage. This type of massage therapy relies heavily on realigning the deeper layers ofmuscles and the connective tissue, by utilizing slow movements and applying deep pressure to points of tension and pain.This method is great those persons having a stiff neck, sore shoulders or who have tightness in the lower back. People who experience chronically tense and contracted feelings in these areas may especially benefit from this type of massage.

When I called in to set my appointment, I was pleased to receive excellent customer service from the calming voice of the appointment coordinator on the other end of the line. I was asked about any problematic areas that I had, as well as the desired type of pressure I felt comfortable in receiving. The coordinator notified me of all of the services that the company provided, and I informed her of the massage that I had decided upon earlier. I asked the coordinator of what I needed to do and wear. I was told that the massage therapist would be bringing all the necessary supplies with them, and that I could simply wear a comfortable robe. The coordinator asked me if I had any special requests for the massage therapist, such as aromatherapy candles or music. I loved the idea of lit candles, and said that they would be perfect.

She then let me know that all of their therapists were licensed, and that they each possessed their own personal liability insurance. Knowing that every professional therapist had taken a practical and oral test in order to evaluate their skills and character, made me feel more confident in accepting this company’s services and inviting them into my home. Excited to be trying something new, I scheduled my appointment for the next afternoon.

The day of my appointment, I re-arranged the living room to make room for my guest and her supplies. The massage therapist arrived right on time, which I was happy to see. She introduced herself as Eva, and informed me that I would be receiving a 60-minute massage. She asked about any problematic areas that I had, health issues, as well as the desired type of pressure I felt comfortable in receiving. After she set up the table, I was instructed to de-robe and to position myself on the table underneath a white sheet she had laid out. She left the room to give me some privacy, and I slid the robe off and got comfortable on the table. When the therapist returned, she proceeded to light a few lavender and vanilla scented candles around the room to set the atmosphere. Eva made sure that I was comfortable before beginning my massage. I must admit that it was the best massage that I had ever received! Eva provided the right amount of pressure without hurting me, and was calmly silent- allowing me to fully enjoy my massage.

I felt comfortable and satisfied. By the time she finished my massage, my body felt relaxed and revitalized! I felt so refreshed afterwards, that I eagerly tipped Eva a 25% gratuity for her excellent services. I certainly enjoyed my first in-home massage from Feelxtra Mobile Spa and I will definitely be calling in again. This experience has changed my mind about going into a spa to receive a massage, when I can receive the same quality experience right in the comfort of my own home!

– Adam Scott

This was written by one of our clients after we provided our services in the comfort of his home. He has been a loyal client ever since his first massage with us. We’re very thankful for clients like him.

How was your first inhome massage?

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