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Massage on my schedule

After a stressful day at work, any one surely wants to have some relief. One of the most popular stress reliever nowadays is a massage. It promotes a relaxed mind and reduces anxiety. It also promotes one’s relaxation and increase blood circulation. Massage can also be a pain reliever for some. If you have done heavy task within the day, you will surely end up tired and may also feel body pain. Any type of pain ranging from minor back pain to major arthritis pain can be eased by recieving a massage.

Massage can also be a great health investment. It can boost your immune system and reduce the effects of depression, anxiety and hypertension.

If you are searching for the best in-home massage, then FeelXtra Mobile Massage Orlando can be your ideal choice. We have Orlando’s top licensed massage therapist that can provide you with the best massage services whether you are at home, in your hotel or at your office.


In-home massage can be the most convenient massage you can have. Aside from being comfortable at your own space, you can also save time from traveling into the therapist office. You don’t need to worry on any driving concerns. There may be disturbances that can occur in the place but with just simple preparation, you can get the most from the service.


In-home massage also enables you to experience prolong relaxation. You will have the freedom to schedule an appointment; you may prefer it before you have a rest in the evening or do other relaxation rituals before the massage. This will also let you experience a much deeper relaxation. Since you are at your own home, you are supposedly to relax more quickly. So, if your purpose is to relieve your stress, in-home massage will surely give you a much more stress relief.

Since you are the only client at your home, you will then receive a much longer period of massage. Thats right your 1 hour  massage will be 60 minutes not 50 minutes like those massage chains. The massage therapist will not be on rush because of the allotted time given to them to spend with their clients.

Same Day Booking

Wake up with a stiff neck? You can also have the same day massage. You don’t need to make bookings in advance. You don’t need to undergo and experience difficulties in planning. You are now allowed to book on the sameday when you need the service.

FeelXtra Mobile massage Orlando will provide you with massage treatments that will suit your individual needs. You can expect a caring, safe, and comfortable massage at your own place. Our highly skilled and licensed massage therapist will provide what you need. You just need to tell the kind of massage you are looking for and you will be provided with the therapist that possesses the therapy skills that you are looking for.

The therapist  will bring all the needed supplies and all the required equipment. All you have to do is just tell them when do you need the massage, where is the location and what is the specific type of massage you want. You can already have the massage on your schedule.

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