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How to throw your own spa party

Throwing a spa party has become a very popular way to get together with friends, and it is a great way to pamper yourself. Here are ten spa party tips that will make your party a hit.

1.Invitations for a spa party can be made easily by printing them out on your computer, and this way you can personalize the invitations. Remember to tell the guests to get ready for a day of relaxation.

2.The décor of a spa party must be peaceful and relaxed. So remove clutter from your home. Soothing music, scented candles, and flowers should be arranged all over for a pretty and calm atmosphere. Pillows are a must have for comfort so have a bunch on hand.

3.Decide what spa treatments you will like to do at your party. There are a lot of choices so pick what suits your needs and wants best. I find the easiest at home spa party treatments are pedicures, manicures,massage  and facials.

4.After this is decided you will need to gather your ingredients. For a manicures and pedicures you will need something to soak feet and hands in, lotion to smooth skin, something for buffing feet, and various nail polishes and nail filing tools. Set these items up for each individual in a particular spot. This way they can relax and not have to move around too much.

5.For facials have different masks for different skin types available. You can also have your guests make there own masks as souvenirs to take home if you are feeling crafty. There are many recipes for homemade face masks, and the ingredients needed are inexpensive and easy to find.

6.Having tea, wine, and cold water is also a good idea during these parties because you want your guests to feel calm, refreshed, and relaxed. Remember to keep these things out near the area you will be resting in so you will not have to walk around too much.

7.Towels are extremely important for a spa party. You will need towels for feet, hands, and faces so stock up on soft fuzzy towels of various sizes. When doing facials I like to dampen my face towels, and stick them in the microwave for a couple of seconds. This warms the towel and opens your pores so the facial masks can really penetrate.

8.When throwing your spa party you must consider having a professional nail artist come in or having your guest help each other. If you can afford hiring a beautician this will work great, but if not have your guests pair up and exchange pedicures and manicures.

9.For a spa party simple and light food is required. A spa party tip that I have found very useful is making food the night or morning before the party. This removes stress from the party, and allows the host to have a pleasant time. Simply make some salads and fruit and vegetable platters and set them out before the party starts. Your guests will love the fresh ingredients and they will not end up feeling too full.

10.Gift bags for spa parties are fun and easy, and what woman doesn’t love bringing home new beauty supplies. Simple fill little bags with extra face towels, lip balms, lotions, and other inexpensive bath and beauty items. This way your guest will feel relaxed at home as well.

Spa parties are a great way to relax and bond with your buddies after a stressful week, so why not throw your own spa party with the help of these tips!

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