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Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate chair massage

A Happy Employee Is A Productive Employee!

Most large and medium size companies now have wellness programs for their employees. Many of these companies are now adding chair massage to their wellness programs. They are now starting to understand how a chair massage wellness program can increase employee productivity by preventing work-related injuries, stress and job fatigue. Plus corporate chair massage is affordable!

What we love about corporate chair massages is it gives us an opportunity to reach individuals who would not consider massage therapy as part of their overall health program. It also gives us an opportunity to share with them how regular massages can help improve their state of health. We are able to point out, why they have neck or lower back pain and what actions they can take to alleviate their painful symptoms. Their most common response is, “oh I did not know that but that makes a lot sense, thank you!”

Company Wellness Programs

A wellness program is an organizational policy that promotes healthy activities and positive health outcomes in the members of that organization; your employees! But it is much more than that. Its an opportunity to reduce absenteeism, stress, improve staff morale and it can be a reward for a job well-done. Massage creates a positive workplace culture, and let’s employees know you really care about their health and well-being.

Here are some of the many ways to incorporate an corporate chair massage program into your company:

Weekly or bi-monthly chair or table massages offered

Quarterly,bi-yearly or yearly Wellness Fairs and education programs

Crunch time/deadline

employee support

Tax time/year end or seasonal employee support

As a perk for a sales contest

Gifts to customers

Employee recognition – secretary’s day

Holiday Gifts

Company Parties, Picnics and/or Golf Tournaments

Trade Shows, Events and Conferences

Overall Wellness

Benefits of Massage Therapy

The benefits of regular massages has many purposes including but not limited to treating soft tissue injuries, improving mobility and function or promoting a sense of well-being.

A corporate chair massage program can help keep your employees healthy as well as happy.Massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure, relieve arthritis, improve joint and muscle aches especially in painful areas of the neck, shoulders and back, and even increase immunity to colds and flu! In addition, massage can play a very important role in preventing and treating the pain and numbness associated with excessive keyboard and mouse use.Chair massage works by triggering the release of endorphins and serotonin that aid in the relaxation response of the brain. Chair massage calms the nervous system, making your staff able to deal with the daily job stress more effectively and less damaging to their body. This reduces your overall healthcare claims.But the biggest benefit from having a corporate is the education that your employees will receive. Most of your staff do not know why they hurt or even what they can do it about it. We offer some simple solutions that they can do anywhere and with little or no equipment necessary.Massage Techniques UsedMany occupations involve strenuous lifting or repetitive movements that can cause repetitive strain injuries over time. Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy is the massage technique most commonly used in corporate chair massage to relieve the pain caused by severe muscular tension, stress and injuries. We apply these techniques over clothes and without any draping. Each session is done fully clothed with no oil so you and your employees can go right back to work!We use a substantial amount of sustained pressure to specific pain points in the body. These points are very closely associated with acupuncture points and recipients of deep tissue massage often find that their pain is replaced by a sense of relaxation and a relief from painful joints and muscles. This type of massage can be intense and stress-relieving at the same time but we are very careful to communicate and check-in with each person.

Hire us!

Making corporate chair massage part of your workplace wellness program is a simple and inexpensive way to reward your staff while reaping the benefits that regular massages will have in your workplace. Corporate massage is a sound investment for large and small businesses alike. We staff only professionally trained, licensed and insured massage therapists.If you are interested in pricing options for your workplace please call our office at 407-412-1758 and ask for Felix. Visit us online http://www.feelxtra.com

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