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What to Expect during your First Massage At Home

While many people prefer to get massages done at the designated places for a massage, some others prefer it done in an informal setting such as their homes. The experience may be different for different environments.However, there is nothing like a massage therapy visit at home.

What to expect before the massage

First of all, make sure that you have scheduled your massage at a time that is convenient to you. If you are suffering from fever, cold, skin irritations and the like, make sure you reschedule your massage visit.

Drink plenty of water in the days before your massage and make sure you do not eat anything right before your massage session. Give yourself time, so that you can feel relaxed when the massage therapist comes home. If you rush, then you would need to give yourself time to go back to a relaxed state.

Health history

Generally, if it is the very first massage appointment of a person, then it begins with an intake process that includes requesting the health history of the individual. The health history may sometimes be mailed out to you, so that you can complete it well in advance. If not, the massage therapist will bring it along while they come to visit you. Generally, a health history form will ask for: medical conditions, areas of concern, whether you are suffering from pain or any form of discomfort, what would help reduce the pain and what makes it worse along with your contact information.

You may also likely be asked to sign certain forms explaining your right to privacy such as the HIPAA Consent and Disclosure forms.


The massage therapist  will interview you with regards to your health history and ask you questions regarding the same. Be honest with your massage therapist, since massaging involves multiple body systems such as the nervous system and the cardiovascular systems. You should also let your massage therapist know whether you take in any pharmaceutical drugs or whether you are under any other form of medication, since a massage can both enhance the effect as well as reduce the effect of the drugs you are taking in. Since certain conditions call for the avoidance of massage, your massage therapist should know your health history thoroughly.

The therapist will then let you know what to expect before,during and after the massage session.

During the massage session

You will generally be made to lie on a massage table and be covered by a large towel or a sheet. Make sure that you let your massage therapist know whether you are comfortable or not. If you are not comfortable with certain aspects of your massage such as being touched in certain areas or if you are feeling uncomfortable about pressure being applied to certain areas, let your therapist know. Comunication between you and the therapist is the key to a great massage.


A professional massage therapist will never expose your private parts or any other parts you identify, except the areas which they would be working on.

How to get the most from your massage

Relax and let all the distracting thoughts go from your mind. You can achieve this by focusing on how the touch of your massage therapist feels. Make sure you do some breathing exercises on the massage table to help you relax further. Avoid tightening your muscles during the session.

After the massage

After the massage session is over, the therapist will leave you to the privacy of your room, so that you can dress up. If you are feeling light headed, continue to lie down on the table for a few minutes more. If possible, do not rush to get back to your daily routine immediately after the massage session to allow you to relax and let the positive effects of the massage settle in.

Realize that the benefits massage sessions tend to offer are cumulative. So, you would feel better, if you get some additional massages in the future.

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