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Welcome the new year stress-free

The first few days back to the “real world” after the holidays can be very stressful. Your list of things to do is a mile long . Not to mention, you may be catching up on tasks you meant to complete over the holiday break, but got distracted by all the festivities.

Don’t stress out! We’re all in the same boat. As much as we love the holiday season, getting back into a normal routine is definitely not easy. Here are some tips to help you be stress-free as you start out the New Year.

1. Determine your priorities, make a list and set realistic goals for each day.
2. Ask family members to help out with chores around the house, such as preparing dinner and folding laundry.
3. Don’t be afraid to ask for an extension on a work deadline. An extra day or two could make a big difference.
4. Eat healthy, balanced meals and exercise regularly to keep energy levels up.
5. Try not to eat lunch at your desk. Get away to some place quiet, even if only for a 15 or 20-minute break.
6. Get enough sleep. Your body needs time to recover from the stress of the holidays, especially if you were traveling a lot.
7. Relax at home with a good book or calming music.
8. Don’t forget to squeeze in some “me time” on the weekends by taking a yoga class or unwind with a massage session.

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