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Things to do after your massage

Feeling Good after My Massage

The in home massage is over. It seemed far too short for what you needed and wanted, but nevertheless your back feels so much better at least for the moment. You wish you could feel this invigorated all the time. It doesn’t help that you work at a job where you are required to sit in a chair at a computer for eight hours at a stretch. Every day, you come home in need of a massage, but surely there are other things you can do that can help.

​ It is true that massage is worthwhile not only for physical but also mental well-being. Physically, it can stimulate and work the muscles that are frequently used, but more for those that don’t get used as often during the day. It is known to have a longer lasting effect than physical therapy and over the counter medications. However, though these may be admirable reasons for you to have a massage, there are other ways you can maintain your health and be reinvigorated at the end of a long work day.

​ Your overall lifestyle plays a huge role in this and your diet is just one part. Eating junk food all the time will not aid you in feeling good about yourself. It is proven that eating a healthy balanced diet that incorporates all the food groups will make you more alert and give you more energy. Regular exercise and stretching will do the same thing for you. If these things aren’t present then you cannot expect that massages will produce any lasting effect. If you live a healthy lifestyle then you can also be more alert and energized.

​ Though an office job can be trying on the muscles and especially the lower back and neck, there are also some ways you can sit and position your computer that will help alleviate some of the tension. Of course chronic back pain must be dealt with by other means, but correct posture and healthy lifestyle will assist along with massage in making you less irritable and less stressed. All of the above is also important for decreasing the risk for serious cardiovascular problems and increasing self-confidence.

​Sunlight also contributes to overall emotional and mental health as well. Even during the winter and autumn seasons, you should try to get out as much as possible to help maintain your positive moods. Having sore joints and muscles is never fun, but before you rely wholly and completely on the professionals to massage away your troubles, aches and pains, make sure you consider your own lifestyle and how your choices may or may not be a contributing factor in making you feel alive and well.

​ You feel alive right now after the massage is concluded, but perhaps a stiff walk to the office instead of a drive would be in order. Add a home cooked meal instead of take-out and you may be all set for a relaxing week that truly makes you feel good.

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