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Massage Monday

Mondays are often the toughest day of the week. After Sunday’s night anxiety of returning to work, many are left feeling completely drained from their day on Monday. The lack of sleep, the overload at work, and the seemingly unending list of projects and tasks all seem to accumulate on Monday evening. Plus, the nagging pain from slipping on those high heels just got you again.

Oh, but gentle reader, there’s an answer to all of these waves of emotion and stress. It’s called getting a massage on a Monday. You can quiet the mind, and soothe the sole (your feet, that is).

Those that get a massage on a Monday (or even a Tuesday) are so wise – they’re able to actually enjoy their workweek with a smile. They’ve been able to take everything that was stressing them out during the day on Monday and refocus. They feel energized once again, ready to take on whatever is in their path. Plus, those happy, once-tired feet now bring a spring to their step as they waltz down the hallway to the water cooler.

Quiet the mind and soothe YOUR soles. A massage may just be the one thing missing out of your workweek to help you sparkle like sun on snow. The aromatherapy, the soothing oils that nourish and hydrate your skin… the connection of a therapist’s hands on your sore, tight spots from a stressful day. Massage is what helps make work (and life) fun.

What are you still doing here… reading? Go click around on the website and schedule that massage!

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