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Massage at your doorstep

Massage at your doorstep

In the fast paced, hectic life of the modern world, you will often need a break to relax and rejuvenate. At times you may get away from your monotonous work, and travel to retreat. But most of the times you may not have that kind of time at your disposal. In such instances, FeelXtra mobile massage in Orlando is what you need to de-stress yourself. This is almost like bringing the retreat wherever you are, instead of you going in search of it. You can get an in-home massage after a long day at work or you can also get a quick massage at office when you use this mobile massage service.

Benefits of mobile massage

Here are the benefits you’d get when you use Feelxtra mobile massage service,

  • Easy appointment – The best feature of this service is that, you can book the appointment on your mobile device, tablet or desktop and a suitable therapist will be arranged for you. You don’t have to call and hope for an appointment.

  • Professional therapist – With Feelxtra mobile massage service, you will never have a bad massage session. This is because only licensed, background and insured  therapists will be sent to you. You can also mention your preferences and it will be taken care of.

  • Flexible location – The most striking feature of this massage service in Orlando is that you can have it at any place you wish. You can unwind in your home, office, hotel, resort or even your garden. You can also have the therapists come down for special events, say if you want to have a pre-wedding massage for the bride and groom.

  • Multiple bookings – You can make as many bookings as you like in Orlando through your phone. You can have massage party at your home for your friends and get multiple therapists to come over. You can also do a series of bookings for yourself if you want regular massages. This will save you from missing your massage routine. It will also ensure that your body and mind are relaxed always.

  • Variety of massages – Since our mobile massages are  performed by professional therapists, you can expect to have a lot of choices when it comes to types of massages they offer. You can opt for deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage, aromatherapy, shiatsu, sports massage or just a quick chair massage. Like this you can try different kinds of massages before you stick on to one category.

Feelxtra Mobile massage in Orlando relaxes your tired muscles and rejuvenates your body. If you have had a tiring day or a long journey, all you need to do is take your mobile phone and book online whenever or wherever you need it.The therapist will arrive in time and provide you the best massage service in orlando. If you have had pains and aches, and are looking for means to loosen up, then certainly you should give Feelxtra mobile massage a try in Orlando. Lastly, if you have been suffering from restlessness or sleeplessness, then get an in-home massage, and sleep like a baby.

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