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5 Things you can do to stay Active at the Office

f you are an individual whose profession keeps you sitting down more than you would like it is probably time for you to take a little bit of personal responsibility. Here you are, after all, reading this so you must have been considering ways to break up the ‘desk and chair blues’ and get your blood flowing without neglecting your work. Here we will go over five simple things you can do throughout your typical 8-hour workday which will get your heart pumping, boost your energy level, and increase your daily productivity by leaps and bounds!

5 Things you can do to stay Active at the Office or on the Job

Are you on the phone a lot? Squats are for you!

If much of your time is spent wearing a headset and talking on the phone squats are a great way to get in some killer exercise while getting your work done. Don’t let yourself stagnate in your seat; stand up and get moving around. You will think more clearly and do a much better job.

Rubber Band Work-out

A larger-sized rubber band will do wonders, and the best part is you can challenge yourself by getting smaller, tighter rubber bands! Just make sure they are long and strong enough to fit around the foot or thigh so you can grab the other end and get a little bit of a resistance workout. You can adapt this by wrapping it around one ankle and working the legs as well.

If you have an office you need a treadmill

You can get treadmills which will enable you to walk while working on your laptop and conducting all of your phone business and paperwork. This is one of the best ways to get your daily exercise in, especially if you have high demands on your time and attention at work.

Take the stairs or walk on your breaks

If you typically take the elevator to get to your job eliminate that mode and begin to hit those stairs, in both directions! If you don’t have stairs, take walks during your breaks. If you have both, do both! You will get back what you put in, remember.

If you sit most of the time engage in stationary exercises

Arm circles, calf-lifts, and literal sit-up straights are all good ways to get yourself moving and wake up a bit without hitting the coffee pot with all you’ve got. Get creative. The rubber band is a great tool for exercising while sitting, and you can take advantage of stretching by working a part at a time.


If you can’t find the time to move around, and you are attributing this to your job, you don’t have this excuse any longer. There are literally scores of things you can do when you have an office job to confront your need for exercise on a proactive and positive basis. Begin to put the tips above to use today, and begin to feel better about your tomorrows.

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